Вольноопределяющийся (pennkoff) wrote,

Недолго музыка играла

Gazprom reportedly said on Saturday that Ukraine is $1.55 billion in arrears on payments for natural gas deliveries. Gazprom said the arrears may force it to cancel a discount on gas, which was agreed between Moscow and Kiev in December. Ukraine’s national oil and gas company Naftogaz has so far paid only roughly half of an outstanding $3.3 billion in payments.
In the meantime, Naftogaz released a statement that there was an armed attack on its office in Kiev on the night of 25 February as a result of which some documents were stolen. Some local reports suggest that the new government of Ukraine is considering a change of management in Naftogaz.
As part of another agreement between the two countries, Moscow has so far issued $3 billion out of a promised $15 billion loan in bonds. Observers say there is uncertainty over whether the remainder of the Russian loan will be provided.
Источник самый что ни на есть буржуйский.

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